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02-Apr-2019 13:20

Now take that kid, tack on a handful of years, and drop him into a classroom.A child who was perfectly content with a video stream, an MP3, and a chat flowing past him is suddenly ordered to sit still, shut up, and listen while a grown-up scrawls on a blackboard and delivers a monologue.I could hear her ankles pop and and she snaked her body in to different forms, all on this 2 x 6 space that she made all her own. It was like a morgue or mass, they are both the same to me. I don’t know, I just wanted to get through it, maybe get her phone number. What was to follow was a collection of maneuvers that no human out of a yoga studio has EVER experienced. That was actually kinda sexy on many levels and to my chagrin, looked and felt great but on myself and others. Arms stretched out powerfully to opposite ends of the room, my chest becoming expansive, nipples hardened with sexual energy transmuting itself back into my body that caused every muscle to bulge, holding me steady When it was all over, I laid there to a subtle music of blissful rhythms and wind chimes, the angelic teacher fanning my body with a cool towel mixed with a blend of tea tree and peppermint oils. That hour was all mine and the days to follow were never to be the same.I thought I was supposed to be praying which led me to believe this whole thing was just another shenanigans to get my money. The teacher, equally hot in tight yoga pants, sauntered to the front. (Tight yoga pants again) Slowly the sweat dropped from my brow. I’ll now look with an internal humility and hunt wisely in creation of those moments where my soul remembers itself and praises the beauty of being connected.

Rolling into a class, they call it a “studio”, whatever, was equally annoying. I take from this experience a newness with me and an appreciation for the practice that I’ll most likely never fully understand, but good things are like that, not meant to be understood, only held in the best of esteem.

And school is even worse for the older girls down the hall.

The center of their universe is on social networking and chat sites, so spending six hours a day marooned in a building with no Wi Fi is akin to water torture.

A January study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that kids spend an average of 7.5 hours a day in front of a screen.

The knee-jerk response is to lament those lost hours and hatch schemes to pry the kids’ hands from their keyboards. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em: Let kids stare at a computer screen until their eyeballs fall out, but add more educational material to the mix.School in the Sunshine State Online education’s biggest success to date is the Florida Virtual School (FLVS).